Content Development for Social Media

Some brief words about Content Development and outsourcing your social media management: When it comes to jumping into the social media pool, it cannot be stressed enough how critical it is that you post fresh, relevant and authentic content on your social media profiles. Good content: supports your marketing goals addresses the needs of your [...]

How Much Time Does Social Media Take

In many cases, the social media activities for a small or medium sized business fall to the person who has the time and/or inclination to use it on behalf of the business. There’s usually no formal training, no policy, no content guidelines, and no real thought to strategy and long term engagement. It just happens. [...]

Social Media Foundation for Real Estate Agents

We’ve worked quite a bit with real estate agents, as well as other professionals closely related to the real estate industry – such as insurance professionals and mortgage consultants. Realtors® are in a highly competitive field and work hard to generate leads and close business. But they’ve had to make some radical adjustments to their [...]