We’re beyond the hype now.

Yes, social media is changing daily.
Yes, the ROI is measured differently.
Yes, social business can be profitable.

And what matters is that YOUR CUSTOMERS are using social media.

You need to SHOW UP where THEY show up.

And what matters most is your RELATIONSHIP with them, and that’s been true all along, yes?

How We Can Help

Inside Social Media provides solutions that cut through the hype of how best to use social media for business, providing strategic planning, content creation, training, and social media management services that integrate and enhance your existing marketing and PR efforts.

  • Training

    For classes, small groups and one-to-one support:

    • Getting set-up efficiently.
    • Learning the culture and etiquette.
    • What to say and how to say it.


  • Planning

    Integrate social media efforts into existing or planned marketing:

    • Product & service promotions.
    • Events and specials.
    • Fresh, timely and relevant updates.


  • Implementation

    When you’re too busy and need the best resource for the job:

    • Customized communication that matches your brand.
    • Professional engagement on your company’s behalf.
    • Easy communication flow, feedback and reporting.